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You know when you go out to make something harmless like taking some fresh air or attending a cooking class and you end getting really drunk? Well, I wasn't acquainted with the concept but yesterday it happened in all its glory.

Almost one year later, I still had a voucher from a birthday's present to go on a Japanese cooking course for newbies. It was just a three or four hours course in one day and after so much time thinking about ancient romans and ancient roads I found it quite appealing. So yesterday evening I was eager to learn how to cook miso soup and to make makisushi and, even though I found it much more time-consuming than I had expected, I think the result wasn't so bad:

We didn't try cooking the miso soup ourselves but Kumiko, our teacher, showed us how to do it and we all tried her recipe: it was delicious ♥ I'm eager to try it at home!

After that we should share our makisushi creations and to surprise us all, the cooking course ended with a wine taster that gave us some practical advice about what wines are better for Japanese food. It seems that there're a lot of wines that combine with makisushi... And all of them were wonderful. Six glasses later I was happily convinced that you can't eat makisushi without trying a good Chardonnay. Neither was I very sure over my feet but I found everything amusing and perfect. And as sometimes life is kind of surreal, I met my old erasmus flatmate when we were leaving the course, which of course resulted in a lot of squeeing noises, laughs at my wasted state and some more wine.

I had to take a taxi to come back home... And fortunately any attempt at work was forgotten when I arrived because this morning I've tried to read a sms I wrote before going to bed and I've understood perfectly well why the answer I got was "WTF?"
Today my stomach felt like hell but I won't deny I had a great time XD


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