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It's a shame I left this so unattended... I've been quite busy these last months and actually I still am. My PhD it's on its way and I hope to defend my thesis between the end of winter and spring time. I'm already revising chapters and structures and expecting with all my soul to finish soon and properly: it's been hard and tiring and endless, and it still is.

My life's been kind of boring lately because I've spent day after day doing exactly the same, till the moment I decided my sanity was more important. (Thank goodness for fanfiction and books because reading was the most exciting thing of most of my days...). At the end of summer I took a break and changed my point of view, so I'll finish when everything's ready, not sooner, and to hell with whoever who doesn't approve.

And so, in the last months I had my looong hair cut (shortest than I've ever had it :D), I had an article about Japan published in a cool national edition, learned to crochet and enjoyed a nice and intensive (if short) summer vacation. I'm even enjoying time with my friends again. But what's really different right now it's that I got a job!

If you remember, my contract with University ended at the beginning of this year, and while I had the unemployment benefit there was nothing to worry about. But things are quite difficult right now in Spain and, although I've been recently applying for several jobs, I didn't get one single answer (nor positive, nor negative). And suddenly, when I had almost forgotten about it, I was called for a job interview. They liked my CV and, for the next months, I'll be an extracurricular English teacher in a primary school. The salary is shit but I'm ecstatic! And nervous, of course. I begin next week :)

Maybe it's the end of the hiatus?
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