Jun. 24th, 2010

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Accomplished things by now:

- English exam -- done
- article -- handed in time
- thesis -- in progress
- bonfire -- jumped

Yesterday I felt the imperious need to enjoy an entire evening of procrastination. I finished Supernatural season 5 (OMG!) and spent the next four or five hours reading fanfics -sometimes an overdose is utterly necessary and this morning I was ready to keep on working on my thesis again. Also, I owe some comments for the wonderful fics provided. Tomorrow.

Tonight, however, I've celebrated Midsummer Night and jumped the bonfire ...when it was dying, ok, but I jumped! It's been awesome! First, live music and a tribute to The Beatles. Later, pyrotechnic show, And finally, the bonfire! Well, at this point, some people become a little bit crazy but in general I love the good feeling and joy in the air. Bad and negative things have burnt there (I wish!) but, most of all, I hope to come back again next year in the same good company, heee~

Other things I've burnt tonight:
Vervain and lavender, for love, happiness, protection and good fortune.
Old mistletoe.
One or two bad habits.

So I feel good and quite pagan right now XD
Hope you all had a nice Night too ♥


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