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Should be training right now but I don't feel like it, too lazy today -...my sensei would smack me on the head but, in my defense, I'll say I had to wake up too early for my taste and it's awfully windy to go anywhere. On the other hand, it's being a weird summer: nor vacation abroad with friends like other years and, surprisingly enough, nor archaeological excavation either. I've been working there every summer during the last eight years, with its highs and lows, so it's kind of disconcerting to think about an August working at home. Don't get me wrong, I'm gonna miss some people but it's liberating to count with more time to work on my thesis: I'm reaching that point where all I want is to finish the damn big thing. And this way I could book a few days to relax.

And yet, of course I have my little pleasures: Of course, I'm utterly in love with the new BBC Sherlock XD Can't remember who said it but it's a great moment to be a Holmes' fan! <3 I couldn't imagine I was going to like Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman so much! they're perfect for the roles and Oh, all the slash potential:

-It's fantastic.
-Do you know you do that out loud?
-Sorry, I'll shut up.
-No, it's...fine.


Which reminds me, [livejournal.com profile] sadynax is killing me with her lovely chibis ♥

I'm also enjoying immensely the amount of fics this series's already producing~

But, here, have two Holmes/Watson big bang fics I loved (not Sherlock's universe):

-A study in midnight: crossover with A Study in Emerald.

-Roll away your stone

Now, I really should try to be productive for a little while longer...
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First match I've watched in years and


It's been kind of weird to see my mother and me screaming, swearing and cheering for a football match but it was worth it XD Despite the awful kicks and fouls, there's football justice after all!
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Accomplished things by now:

- English exam -- done
- article -- handed in time
- thesis -- in progress
- bonfire -- jumped

Yesterday I felt the imperious need to enjoy an entire evening of procrastination. I finished Supernatural season 5 (OMG!) and spent the next four or five hours reading fanfics -sometimes an overdose is utterly necessary and this morning I was ready to keep on working on my thesis again. Also, I owe some comments for the wonderful fics provided. Tomorrow.

Tonight, however, I've celebrated Midsummer Night and jumped the bonfire ...when it was dying, ok, but I jumped! It's been awesome! First, live music and a tribute to The Beatles. Later, pyrotechnic show, And finally, the bonfire! Well, at this point, some people become a little bit crazy but in general I love the good feeling and joy in the air. Bad and negative things have burnt there (I wish!) but, most of all, I hope to come back again next year in the same good company, heee~

Other things I've burnt tonight:
Vervain and lavender, for love, happiness, protection and good fortune.
Old mistletoe.
One or two bad habits.

So I feel good and quite pagan right now XD
Hope you all had a nice Night too ♥
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Why did I say yes? ;_;

Thesis, articles, reports for grants and, if those were not enough, I decided to take the Cambridge exam in advanced English. The exam will be in a week and the more I revise the official students' book the more I regret it...

God, I need a vacation *cold sweat*
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Where to begin? Oh, yes,


How so? Well last week was horrible with me still sick since the very first day I arrived to Bordeaux. It seems I had a bad virus similar to the flu but I didn't realise it was a virus till I couldn't stand anymore -_- So basically I've been eating rice, carrots, soup, apples and bananas for 12 days, feeling awful and with my body hurting painfully for not apparent reason at first. That, plus 12 days working in a 8-9 ºC library without heating and without sugar (and I have a tendency to low blood sugar, which is like hell...). I must say it's been the worst stay I've had so far.

But then my boss' husband, who is a doctor, gave me a marvellous drug and voilà, yesterday I began eating normally again and the pain disappeared. I never thought I could be so happy to eat a cookie or take some tea ;_;

The thing is my spirits were so low, nonexistents in fact, that I thought I should do something different and stimulating. I thought, hey, I've never been to Paris in all the years I've been coming here to work! And all people say it's so beautiful. So hell, yes, I took a train ticket to spend there next weekend. A cheap hotel (...) and a Lonely Planet guide and I'm going to have a wonderful time in Paris :3 I'll come back to Bordeaux sunday night and I'll still have monday (a holiday in France) to rest and pack everything to come back home on tuesday.

I might sound silly but I needed to set myself such a target because since then I'm all the enthusiastic one, again. Oh, yes, and I've returned to my habitual consume of sugar so that might have helped too :D

And to complete the day, I've finally found the Belgian comic about Sherlock Holmes! Holmes (1854/1891?). L'Adieu à Baker Street.

After those twelve days working ill and feeling like dying, I think I've deserved it.
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Yesterday it was journey day, with a sore stomach and two huge suitcases. I'll be here only three weeks and I've had to pack things for winter and summer, incredible @_@ For goodness sake, it's may and I have to wear coats... I want last week's warmth back!

The funny thing is that my new room is exactly like the one I had in december -odd because this residence is enormous and most rooms I've seen are different. It's nice but also kind of disturbing to look around and have the feeling it's winter again. As if the months in between didn't happen. I don't like it very much, really.

I guess that and my gastritis are playing against me because, to be sincere, today I'll be happily at home instead of here.

To make up for it, later I'm going to update my fanfic readings and I'm considering rewatching The Great Mouse Detective ^^; (yesterday on the train, it was the turn of The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes). I feel like I need and overdose of Holmes' fandom :)
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Going again to Bordeaux next month. I must remember is good for my work, I know, but I feel terribly lazy and there're always so many things to prepare, meh...
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It's been a nice weekend. Springtime, more light, less coats, old trains and spectacular views. I've been on a trip to the Pyrenees, just to the point where you can walk across the mountains to France.

The thing is there's an old train (today it has only three wagons) that goes from my city to the ancient station that allowed communications with France through the Pyrenees in the first half of last century. Nowadays the real station from 1928 is closed and the train takes four hours to make a two hours route by car. It's been said that the train is going to be cancelled and it's a shame because the journey is really beautiful. So me and my friends decided to use the ancient transport before it desappears.

By chance we chose the anniversary of the day the station was closed 40 years ago. In the end we could put a shiny ribbon on the wrought-iron gate with a written wish to see the station reopened again :) The result, when you looked at the sky, was like being somewhere near Tibet with the old building in front, the snowed peaks behind and the bright colours of the ribbons.

Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles, warm woolen mittens, wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings... )
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Homotography. Someone posted a Jude Law's photoshoot and voilà! link to beautifully sexy website~

In spite of the blog's title and the pretty headshots under the cut, not all the pics are homoerotic. It looks like every photographer in this blog has his different and original style but in general, most of them are just awesome. I especially liked Willy Vanderperre though I guess it's a site to visit with some time. So many photoshoots, so few hours a day... )

Bear in mind that many of them are NOT WORKSAFE~
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Comment here and I'll pick three of your fandoms. You are free to repost this with your answers to the questions in your journal.

So [livejournal.com profile] lauand very kindly gave me Saiyuki, X/1999 and Yami no Matsuei :D

Read more... )
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All I wanted was to download one of Plinius' books from the Naturalis Historia. Why Google gave me this link instead, I'm still wondering.

"The Discovery of Witchcraft"

A Modern English Rendering of Those Portions of the 16th Century English Text Dealing with Legerdemain

It's part of an interesting text from 1584 but I was mislead by the main title. Later I was very amused thinking about Aziraphale and his penchant for magic tricks XD I'm quite sure he must have had a first edition of this book somewhere in his shop~

Even so, the text have some wonderful passages that had me laughing. The best one was "how to get someone to do a striptease under the guise of performing magic", aka:


Use a young boy as a confederate and, after charms and the like spoken by you, have him undress himself while shaking, stamping, and crying, till completely naked. Or, if you can't persuade a confederate to completely disrobe, as he begins to stamp, shake, and unclothe you can release him from the spell, citing "respect for the modesty of the audience" as the reason for not allowing him to go on.

Uh, yeah, ok... Predictably I can't help but imagine Crowley trying to tempt Aziraphale to perform this particular trick.
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Hello again, dear f-list!

How're you? I'd like to keep up to date with you but every passing day seems harder, with thesis and lessons and all... Still I'm hopeful enough to think I'll regain some balance some time in the near future, who knows.

Lately I've been kind of lethargic and too focused on working. I'd like to finish my thesis for june next year, which means some days I'm a bundle of stress while others I'm all 'no worries, everything's gonna be all right'. It's kind of distressing in general -_- Luckily my friends arrive every now and then to take me out and prevent me from going crazy.

The most I've been doing in my leisure time is dust my ACD books and lurk around the Sherlock Holmes' comms when I find the energy to remain in front of my laptop at the end of the day. And just when I thought I had overcome the holmesian fandom, Guy Ritchie's movie appears in all its slashiest glory and there I go again. Not that I'm complaining, mind you *g* )

In other news, I just bought a lovely wallet, handmade by the talented [livejournal.com profile] louiselux with a Pride and Prejudice book cover from a 1813 edition. I'm pleased as punch X3

By the way, if you didn't watch the short film The Butterfly Circus yet, you absolutely must! Beautiful piece of work ♥ The story is an ode to personal overcoming but every single one of the characters is so full of beauty is overwhelming. It's around 20 min. long so there are two parts on YouTube:


Hope this is the end of my hiatus~


Dec. 10th, 2009 12:25 am
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Today I met Amélie Nothom! She's nice and awesome ♥ And she signed my book *G*

Just for the record, 'cause one of these days I'll find the energy to write a proper entry again... you wait and see~

- - -

PS: Does anyone know how to exchange one of those snowflake-cookie gifts? I'm feeling kind of clumsy here @__@
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I can't believe we're already in December! One more hour per day, now that's something I wouldn't mind at all...

So if you want a card from me, just let me know ;) I can't guarantee it'll arrive in time for Xmas but it'll surely be there for New Year (...I hope).

Comments are screened. Or you can send me a message~

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-I'm in France again. Researching at the library all day and revising the only part of my PhD that seems to progress.

-French people like my field of study very much and I could receive financing in the future (which I can't believe just yet, too good to be true).

-Tomorrow I'll spend the afternoon in a new 'manga-cafe' with a fellow worker.

-Trees are wonderful: all red, yellow and orange ♥
Though it looks like people here don't get why I think they're the prettiest thing in this city.

-Two tempting readings are waiting for me. One is The Mechanics of the Heart. It looks beautiful! in a Tim Burton way. The other's Murder Mysteries by Neil Gaiman and Craig Russell.

-I watched SPN "Changing Channels". What can I say? I LOVE this show XD

My back and neck are killing me. I'm so tired! But things are going well. I hope to recover this weekend and maybe find the time to make a proper update :)

Hope you're doing well! ♥
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That's all that matters when you work at university. It's not important if you have to fill in a bunch of forms for nothing; the important thing is that you have signed them. And that the department head has signed them too. There.

When this morning I was asked to sign a form with subjects I'm supposed to teach this course, I was asked to submit a form I should have filled in months ago. A form my boss should have given me. But nope, she didn't remember the damn form. "It doesn't matter" she says, "go back to the office and sign the new form. Don't worry".

So I don't worry. I go to the office but they don't let me sign anything. "Come back to your boss and ask again for the previous form".

My boss insists that there's no need for that but finally she goes to ask herself. "Ok", says the guy at the office. "Your boss is wrong but here you are. Sign here and tomorrow you bring the previous form signed by the head department".


And when I think everything's fine (after two hours of going here and there), I find out the damn form is for nothing! I'm still a grant holder and current law does not admit yet that grant holders teach theoretical lessons. So we're listed in subjects but we won't be acknowledged in RL and maybe we won't even teach all that lessons (which I really hope so).

Conclusion: the form is utterly useless.

Still, tomorrow I have to get the head department to sign my form and I have to write a lesson's plan for the subjects I supposedly will but actually can't teach.

I guess somewhere, someone sleeps peacefully thinking about the brilliant system they created.

At least the weekend on the beach was great :)


Oct. 9th, 2009 10:55 pm
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I'm going to the beach for the weekend and if everything's fine, we'll still have summertime :)

Roadtrip, friends, good weather, sun, delicious food and some tequila in the evening.

Yeah, I'm ending the week much better than it began.

Hope you have a nice weekend too ♥
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The news today:

"The vaccine against Alzheimer could be ready by the end of 2010"


If only it could still be useful for people that already have this horrible disease... I think especially about Terry Pratchett here.
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I'm enjoying this show immensely! even if it's breaking my heart to no end!! D:

But Spoilers through season 5x01 and 5x02 )

PPS: The secret point of this season should be THIS => [livejournal.com profile] missyjack's meta on redemption narratives in Supernatural).
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...and don't know yet when it'll be uploaded on Series Yonkis


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