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Where to begin? Oh, yes,


How so? Well last week was horrible with me still sick since the very first day I arrived to Bordeaux. It seems I had a bad virus similar to the flu but I didn't realise it was a virus till I couldn't stand anymore -_- So basically I've been eating rice, carrots, soup, apples and bananas for 12 days, feeling awful and with my body hurting painfully for not apparent reason at first. That, plus 12 days working in a 8-9 ºC library without heating and without sugar (and I have a tendency to low blood sugar, which is like hell...). I must say it's been the worst stay I've had so far.

But then my boss' husband, who is a doctor, gave me a marvellous drug and voilà, yesterday I began eating normally again and the pain disappeared. I never thought I could be so happy to eat a cookie or take some tea ;_;

The thing is my spirits were so low, nonexistents in fact, that I thought I should do something different and stimulating. I thought, hey, I've never been to Paris in all the years I've been coming here to work! And all people say it's so beautiful. So hell, yes, I took a train ticket to spend there next weekend. A cheap hotel (...) and a Lonely Planet guide and I'm going to have a wonderful time in Paris :3 I'll come back to Bordeaux sunday night and I'll still have monday (a holiday in France) to rest and pack everything to come back home on tuesday.

I might sound silly but I needed to set myself such a target because since then I'm all the enthusiastic one, again. Oh, yes, and I've returned to my habitual consume of sugar so that might have helped too :D

And to complete the day, I've finally found the Belgian comic about Sherlock Holmes! Holmes (1854/1891?). L'Adieu à Baker Street.

After those twelve days working ill and feeling like dying, I think I've deserved it.
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-I'm in France again. Researching at the library all day and revising the only part of my PhD that seems to progress.

-French people like my field of study very much and I could receive financing in the future (which I can't believe just yet, too good to be true).

-Tomorrow I'll spend the afternoon in a new 'manga-cafe' with a fellow worker.

-Trees are wonderful: all red, yellow and orange ♥
Though it looks like people here don't get why I think they're the prettiest thing in this city.

-Two tempting readings are waiting for me. One is The Mechanics of the Heart. It looks beautiful! in a Tim Burton way. The other's Murder Mysteries by Neil Gaiman and Craig Russell.

-I watched SPN "Changing Channels". What can I say? I LOVE this show XD

My back and neck are killing me. I'm so tired! But things are going well. I hope to recover this weekend and maybe find the time to make a proper update :)

Hope you're doing well! ♥
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Bordeaux' pics under the cut )

The little one I brought from France )
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I arrived two days ago after a trip as long and charming as a 19th century trip would be. I mean, I took the first train at 2.15 am but we had to change trains half an hour later and not immediately: one hour waiting in a very little station in the middle of nowhere and without heating.

Later I shared a compartment with an old man in love with Spanish medieval and renaissance literature who talked to me two hours while I tried not to fall asleep 'cause the man was really nice. But that and my huge luggage had been too much and I felt asleep nevertheless *sweatdrops*.

When we crossed the frontier with France, I had to change the train once more. This time I met a kind couple who came with me to take breakfast and help me with my luggage ^^; AND later, in my way to Bordeaux, I met another man who had just traveled on foot around Spain for two months! I don't know yet how could I understand him, or better, how could he understand me with my awful french XD;

All in all, I'm ok. Too far from the center of the city but with a good connection of buses during the day. However, and although the library is incredible, the best part of all it's the autumn's colour around *__* I've never been in an university with a "forest" in the middle! And hey, it seems I'm working better than in my own city.

Now if I just had my friends or someone here -.-


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