Nov. 28th, 2008 12:20 pm
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Beautiful place of work but incredibly tiring: my neck aches and I'm freezing but it seems I'm getting some work done so yay! Sometimes I need to get away from home to find time for my dissertation and database.
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Yesterday I even went out in the evening and try not to get lost in the city. I found out "my" apartment is near a great comic store, an oriental bookshop and the city center! And I can go walking! *g* In the end, victim of consumerism, I bought two volumes of manga, a book of Zen tales and haikus and a big and heavy book about The Most Beautiful Bibles in History that might have been designed by Aziraphale himself XD Its cheap price left me open-mouthed and salivating *lol*. There're two other ones that will be in my Christmas wish-list even if can't find the time to read them...

I'm scare of myself for the day I decide go shopping clothes...

The night was weird enough that I had dinner at McDonald, and that must be the oddest thing it happened to me since... I can't remember -last time I went there they gave me a Little Mermaid figure with my happy meal for the film's premiere @_@;

Tonight I come back home for the weekend.
Hope you're having a happy week-ending~
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I find myself in Madrid, again for research purposes, and I'm quite lost in almost every sense.

On the one hand I almost don't know the city -and it's huge!, so it's been three times that I got out of a metro station and took the wrong direction (given how LONG streets are here I'm doing a bit too much exercise for my taste...).

And on the other, I feel utterly and literally lost inside the National Library!! For goodness sake, it's not the first time I'm at a national library but I had never been given so many instruction sheets in my life as they gave me right now! They also make you feel like a terrorist when you arrive for the first time. I was very tempted to shout out that I love books and sure I'm not trying to destroy them. I even had a letter of introduction!! But that's another matter... And I must be quite slow when I couldn't find the proper room to stay and search what I need ¬_¬ So many instructions and they don't talk about what colour sheets I have to use to ask for a book (nor do they specify clearly the different fields or where do I have to ask for them). Well, I guess I'm spending one or two days just to know the library...and not get lost inside.

The awesome part is that it's old and pretty! And enormous!
And when I stop looking like a fish out of water and find out how everything works here, I'll be very happy indeed >:D


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