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It's been a nice weekend. Springtime, more light, less coats, old trains and spectacular views. I've been on a trip to the Pyrenees, just to the point where you can walk across the mountains to France.

The thing is there's an old train (today it has only three wagons) that goes from my city to the ancient station that allowed communications with France through the Pyrenees in the first half of last century. Nowadays the real station from 1928 is closed and the train takes four hours to make a two hours route by car. It's been said that the train is going to be cancelled and it's a shame because the journey is really beautiful. So me and my friends decided to use the ancient transport before it desappears.

By chance we chose the anniversary of the day the station was closed 40 years ago. In the end we could put a shiny ribbon on the wrought-iron gate with a written wish to see the station reopened again :) The result, when you looked at the sky, was like being somewhere near Tibet with the old building in front, the snowed peaks behind and the bright colours of the ribbons.

Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles, warm woolen mittens, wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings... )
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Homotography. Someone posted a Jude Law's photoshoot and voilà! link to beautifully sexy website~

In spite of the blog's title and the pretty headshots under the cut, not all the pics are homoerotic. It looks like every photographer in this blog has his different and original style but in general, most of them are just awesome. I especially liked Willy Vanderperre though I guess it's a site to visit with some time. So many photoshoots, so few hours a day... )

Bear in mind that many of them are NOT WORKSAFE~
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Cliffs of Moher

Hi there!

Ah, vacations are over and here I am again, trying to regain some time while I prepare a lecture about domestic life in Rome for next thursday. But I feel good! And partly, that's because of this wonderful last month -I even visited the beach after coming from Ireland :)

Mainly, we spent the days in Dublin, in an apartment almost in the outskirts. We saw a great part of the city and basically behaved like your average tourist, buying shamrock's lollipops and stuffed leprechauns and, also, visiting the Guinness Storehouse. I even try to drink a pint, but what can I say, I don't like beer at all D:

Regretfully, our apartment was real far away from the center of the city and with no car of our own, we couldn't spend any night in a pub listening to live celtic music. But to make up for it I got a tin whistle *lol* -by now my neighbours might be a bit tired of me.

The last days we went to Malahide where we were supposed to visit a haunted castle. We didn't meet any ghost but the surroundings were beautiful: there was a forest before arriving the castle! ♥

Later we went to Howth. It's a cute fishermen town in the east coast with awesome cliffs and seals :3 And finally, the day before returning, we took a bus to cross the country. Three hours later we were in Galway, on our way to see a little of the west coast of Ireland.

The impressive sight of above is a part of the Cliffs of Moher, in the west coast. They appeared in The Princess Bride as the "Cliffs of Insanity", and actually the translation from Gaelic Mhothair would be Cliffs of ruin. We were told a story about a redhead woman who used to live there and killed one by one all her lovers and her husband throwing them to the void. I haven't found any legends like that about the Cliffs but it's true that people die here every year -accidents and suicides, even when it's one the most touristic places of Ireland. Truth be told, there's a little limestone wall which separates the "safe" part from the rest of the cliffs but everyone cross it anyway (me included).

It was great to leave behind the suffocating heat of Spain for some days to feel a bit of rain and fresh air, even when I wore layer over layer of clothes in August!

So there, have some pics of the epic vacation ;)

Remember: no rain, no rainbows )
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Well well, remember I had to do my driving licence exam?
I passed it!! Yay!! I can't believe it!

Regretfully, after the exam I had the terrible idea of trying my father's car... And I thought I had learned to drive... I'm afraid I'll need some time before I can really drive that car -the only one I have for now *sigh*.

Now that I think about it, it's been quite a busy weeks. All fun, that's true, but incredible tiring. The more important holidays of my city were last week, which meant two friends came to stay with me -and as my place is really small, G arrived before the weekend and M just after G went back home: 12 days of lovely hostess activity but no time at all for rest.

It's weird but lately I think my RL has overcome considerably my life. Not that that's a bad thing at all. Guess it's a kind of balance for the times I have to go abroad alone.

In the meanwhile I have a lot of photos to sort. Posting here the cutest ones -about the duck rubber race XD- and those unprecedented -a.k.a. me in a kimono instead of the traditional Aragon costume ^^;

The yellow mass is coming~ )

In the end my ducky didn't win anything. I don't understand... He got such a pretty number...

And now for the traditional costumes thing: )
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I bought a beautiful diary in Rome. It has leather covers and,on the front, one of the wings designed by Leonardo da Vinci. Lately I've been writing there all the things I didn't write here but to sum it up, I had a wonderful time in Italy -awfully hot, that's true, but wonderful all the same.

More rambling about these past days )

Anyway the month was good and my friend, who kindly lent me her own room all for me (!!), was utterly lovely~

Bonus: pics of angels from Rome -entry with general photos in the near future, I hope... )

So that's it. Right now I'm preparing everything fot another trip. This one to the usual place this time of the year: yep, excavation time -.- I hope to come back next weekend (and I HOPE to come back with no injury in my knee, please).

Traveling on and on
though I fall down dead,
clover fields

Kawai Sora

I think it fits my new diary :)
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Hi there!

I have no much time to stay on line but today I went to the National Park of Timanfaya that, literally, occupies almost a half of the island. It's incredible! Like making a milk-shake between Mars (?) and Hawaii!*

Photos ahoy! )

*This is pure speculation as I've never been in Mars, nor in Hawaii for that matter...
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Ladies and gentlemen, after ten days since I thought about posting this, finally here it is:
Barcelona '06, XII Salón del Manga :P Geez, there's so much I wanted to say I don't even now how to begin... )
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Still feeling silly enough to post my Halloween pirate look XD

~Alone in "my" ship~
~With a vampire >.>~
~My crew~

That's all for tonight~
I'm exhausted. Today was longer than usual and I'm still tired from the weekend (ah, the weekend... *_* There's so much to say about the con!). But this year I closed the celtic light season with so much fun! I hope the dark season won't be too dark.

In any case, tomorrow I'll post about the con; after most precious sleep.
Happy Halloween!
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So I finally came back to my commoner reality (too much Ouran anime I guess) ...with beloved internet. But what a trip! It's been so great that after three days at home I'm still sleeping as if today was the day after the return, I think my body wants revenge for all the days I denied it's rest --note to self: 3 hours of sleep it's not acceptable anymore--.

I think it's been one of the most hazardous trips I've ever had. In fact we enjoyed a thunderstorm by plane, eight hours in a train that changed the number of the train coaches with no warning at all, interesting facts in a Hungarian hot spring, the hotel of The Shining in Prague (I really should have kept the photos from that place, I'm sure the twins were there somewhere *shivers*), several nice talks with the travel agent, an invasion of mosquitoes in the second hotel... Usual things that happen when you travel ^_^;;

But all in all, I could say I fell in love with Prague *_* So beautiful! I'd want to live there some time: walk through the bridge every week and visit the jazz clubs at night. Just no more hangovers on a day of tourism, please (we all verified that's not the very best thing...).

Budapest was nice too, but it left me a bitter taste. Within all the beauty of the touristic streets and places, it's the sad feeling of a city that is still trying to surpass its old situation. But it's good to remember that always there's something else than happy faces and shiny places.

Now some photos ^___^ )

I wish we could go on a similar trip next year. ^.^
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I left Rome yesterday and after more than 12 hours of travel (yes, you read 12) I'm at home again. Mou, one week is nothing! But I can't believe yet I was able to survive almost without internet the whole week.

Returning to Rome was wonderful, in fact I think I'll go more often in the future, and for future times I'll really try not to get sick while I'm there: I had to stay in bed FOUR DAYS! Stupid virus and stupid fevers ¬_¬
Anyway, the city is beautiful in spring and meeting old friends was like if I never left them ^.^ Just one day at home and I'm wishing to go back to Rome soon again, so for now I'm satisfied myself with the few photos I took this time~

Click for more than typical photos from Rome ;) )
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Remember the beautiful trees that looked like little sakura trees? Yesterday I had nothing better to do than take photographs of those, maybe too much photographs ^^;; but in the end I decided to post some of them. Here. )

On a very different subject, the craziness of the internet led me to this~

Saiyuki-GetBackers absolute crack 1

Saiyuki-GetBackers absolute crack 2

Saiyuki-GetBackers absolute crack 3

All of them has been renamed and taken from here: Saiyuki: Refile

If you add here the amusing kind of RP that is taking place in [livejournal.com profile] getbackers, I almost could say yesterday was a productive day. XD
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The weekend was so great that I have no words *__* Manga, tourism, manga, beach, more manga, oh! and many photos (fear me with a digital camera XDDD) It was difficult to find a place to stay the night but the result was the best: we were 30 minutes away from Barcelona but in the beach, 33º in November!!!
And I couldn't believe it when we finally arrive at the con, after 2 hours and a half of row! I remember the last year we went in at the very moment we arrived. You can imagine the hot inside was awful but forgivable when I think about the rest of things X3

My poor friend (very considerate 'cause she didn't even know what 'otaku' means Rebe, eres la mejor! ^^v) was like crazy trying to not loose me among all the people while I was like crazy going from one stand to another. At the end I bought two CDs (the last one of L'Arc-en-Ciel and X Character Profile), a Kazuya Minekura's artbook (Salty Dog II), Saiyuki sticks, a mini plushie Ed from FMA and the last volume from Bronze (not counting pins *sweatdrops*). Now I'm broken ;__; (I guess I'll have to increase my hours of lessons to children).

Karaoke and cosplays were not the best but both were funny, in fact it was wonderful to find people cosplaying some of my favorites OTPs (the costumes were not extremely good but was a relief to know otakus and sellers have different interests sometimes): I was one of those people asking for photos and meeting new people in the process XD

But the main character of these days was Naruto, my! Naruto was everywhere! if you wanted to buy merchandising of Naruto these were your lucky days. Bleach and FMA were next in the `list´ (yeah, I fell for FMA too *g*). However I couldn't help but get angry everytime I asked for something like GetBackers and the answers I got were something like:

"You sure mean Fruits Basket, don't you?"

Me: "..." ¬_¬ (I was tempted to take B/G cosplayers and brought them to that stand)

In general everything was just great! Even the exhibition of this year was interesting: Subcultures in Tokyo. Looking around, it was easy to say that Gothic-Lolita look was the most successful here (I found a very beautiful pair of long black wickerwork gloves <3).

General view )

Tokyo subcultures )

Some cosplays )
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The three packets that I sent from Rome have finally arrived \^o^/ (it took them more than a month to arrive, fear the Italian Post!) which means that I had three boxes plenty of books to place in a room with only three shelves alraedy occupied. The result is a weird view of books pretending to be unstable mountains over the old ones, but I guess that will do while I find more space (aka: restructure my room). Good enough I found a few things that I had almost forgot LIKE THIS XD. It feels so good to find this kind of memories X3
I'm still laughing: I swear that was NOT a Pocahontas cosplay! XDDD


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