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I broke my pinky toe last evening. According to the doctor, it usually happens when 90 kg. fall over a very little finger. Luckily it was the one that does not need to be casted but I won't be able to wear my high heel shoes on friday *doom* (thank goodness I can wear them instead, hehe).

Still looking forward to next weekend: Manga Con at Barcelona begins next thursday and lasts till sunday, I think. So yay!

Yo estaré por allí el viernes y puede que el sábado por la tarde. Si alguno va, sería genial quedar algún rato :D
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And one more year I went to Barcelona, enjoyed the best manga con in Spain and came back home with some merchandise, relaxed, tired and happy XD

Not the most interesting things this year (perhaps last year was TOO GREAT *.*), but not bad at all. Actually, it was amusing and refreshing to see a yaoi exhibition with works by Studio Kosen. There were also other authors of the "nouvelle manga" that I simply didn't know and a nice karesansui in the middle of the room. And although you could buy whatever you'd want of Bleach, Death Note, XXXHolic, TRC, Nana, Dragon Ball or FF, there was not a single thing of Saiyuki or Kazuya Minekura *le sigh* -instead I found a cute yellow cup with P-chan from Ranma 1/2 :3

I'm exhausted right now and possibly not that coherent so I'll leave it here tonight; but just in case:

BONUS--"cosplay" PHOTOS:
Missing Watanuki. Please contact yuko@3xholic.com if you see him. )
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Ladies and gentlemen, after ten days since I thought about posting this, finally here it is:
Barcelona '06, XII Salón del Manga :P Geez, there's so much I wanted to say I don't even now how to begin... )
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Tomorrow Con! tomorrow con! Yay! *runs around happily*

Bus at 6.00 am.
Barcelona at 9.45 am.
Con at 11.30 am (hope we'll be there by then).


Bed now~
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The weekend was so great that I have no words *__* Manga, tourism, manga, beach, more manga, oh! and many photos (fear me with a digital camera XDDD) It was difficult to find a place to stay the night but the result was the best: we were 30 minutes away from Barcelona but in the beach, 33º in November!!!
And I couldn't believe it when we finally arrive at the con, after 2 hours and a half of row! I remember the last year we went in at the very moment we arrived. You can imagine the hot inside was awful but forgivable when I think about the rest of things X3

My poor friend (very considerate 'cause she didn't even know what 'otaku' means Rebe, eres la mejor! ^^v) was like crazy trying to not loose me among all the people while I was like crazy going from one stand to another. At the end I bought two CDs (the last one of L'Arc-en-Ciel and X Character Profile), a Kazuya Minekura's artbook (Salty Dog II), Saiyuki sticks, a mini plushie Ed from FMA and the last volume from Bronze (not counting pins *sweatdrops*). Now I'm broken ;__; (I guess I'll have to increase my hours of lessons to children).

Karaoke and cosplays were not the best but both were funny, in fact it was wonderful to find people cosplaying some of my favorites OTPs (the costumes were not extremely good but was a relief to know otakus and sellers have different interests sometimes): I was one of those people asking for photos and meeting new people in the process XD

But the main character of these days was Naruto, my! Naruto was everywhere! if you wanted to buy merchandising of Naruto these were your lucky days. Bleach and FMA were next in the `list´ (yeah, I fell for FMA too *g*). However I couldn't help but get angry everytime I asked for something like GetBackers and the answers I got were something like:

"You sure mean Fruits Basket, don't you?"

Me: "..." ¬_¬ (I was tempted to take B/G cosplayers and brought them to that stand)

In general everything was just great! Even the exhibition of this year was interesting: Subcultures in Tokyo. Looking around, it was easy to say that Gothic-Lolita look was the most successful here (I found a very beautiful pair of long black wickerwork gloves <3).

General view )

Tokyo subcultures )

Some cosplays )


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