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-I'm in France again. Researching at the library all day and revising the only part of my PhD that seems to progress.

-French people like my field of study very much and I could receive financing in the future (which I can't believe just yet, too good to be true).

-Tomorrow I'll spend the afternoon in a new 'manga-cafe' with a fellow worker.

-Trees are wonderful: all red, yellow and orange ♥
Though it looks like people here don't get why I think they're the prettiest thing in this city.

-Two tempting readings are waiting for me. One is The Mechanics of the Heart. It looks beautiful! in a Tim Burton way. The other's Murder Mysteries by Neil Gaiman and Craig Russell.

-I watched SPN "Changing Channels". What can I say? I LOVE this show XD

My back and neck are killing me. I'm so tired! But things are going well. I hope to recover this weekend and maybe find the time to make a proper update :)

Hope you're doing well! ♥
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I'm enjoying this show immensely! even if it's breaking my heart to no end!! D:

But Spoilers through season 5x01 and 5x02 )

PPS: The secret point of this season should be THIS => [livejournal.com profile] missyjack's meta on redemption narratives in Supernatural).
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...and don't know yet when it'll be uploaded on Series Yonkis
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Sheesh, it's been a while! I've been trying to put my life in order a bit and finally I'm on my way to France again, just to try and get serious about my PhD -last time it worked! I'll stay in Bordeaux for a month, which means my luggage is killing me today: I really don't know how to travel light, meh -_-

Regretfully, I have not many interesting things to tell, apart from the fact that last thursday was Book's Day. Still one of my favourite days of the year: good weather, discount books all around, friends and holiday!

I bought On the Road by J. Kerouac, L'Amant by M. Duras (will see how my French is going...) and Dead Until Dark by Charlene Harris -you know, True Blood's original book. I just started this one and looks great!

Welcome back to my life, vampires' books~ *g*

On the other hand, Supernatural is eating my brains XD I'm still at the beginning of season four and although I'm a bit spoiled, I might have no nails by the end of this season...

Hope you're doing fine, f-list! I guess I'll have many things to read this week :)

Note to self: Should visit more frequently the north of Spain, it's beautiful!
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No storm clouds today :)

Instead, let's share awesome things that doesn't get old:

+ Supernatural - Eye of the Tiger: Dean, you big dork! XD

I know this vid is everything but new but I found it yesterday and I'm still LOLing. One of the best things I've seen lately!

On a side note, I'm completely hooked to Supernatural! You know that moment when you discover a new fandom and it's full of wonderful fics and meta... I'm exactly there ♥ And as I only began to watch the third season, I still have many eps before the GREAT angst arrives~

+ The Lover by Marguerite Duras: In French class, we're comparing the book and the film and I'm speechless because they're both absolutely gorgeous.

I watched the film some years ago and I liked it, but now that we're studying it bit by bit, I'm amazed at the little details. I'll try to read the novel in French when I'm not too tired.

+ Get Backers: After reccing it to a friend, I've been rewatching the anime from time to time. Ban and Ginji never fail to make me smile and the Ban/Ginji ship manifesto reminds why~

So, there. Enough for today ♥


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