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2011 has begun with a little bit of everything.

I had a lovely Christmas (with homemade tiramisú included)* and a lot of wonderful presents for Epiphany, which means I finally got the DVD with special features of Sherlock Holmes and three awesome books I don't know when I could read properly because this year presents itself as a tough one. On the one hand, my employment contract with university has expired which I knew it had to happen but it's depressing all the same. And on the other hand, I ought to finish writing my PhD thesis before August. That may look like a reasonable deadline (one I decided, indeed) but I feel stressed out already. Ugh... I'd rather not think too much about it but people all around seem delighted reminding me every chance they have. It's tiring and it's just January...

That's one of the reasons I chose to spend the evening of New Year's Day watching comforting films, beginning with Frank Capra's You can't take it with you. It was years since I watched it and the philosophy of that film always cheers me up :D A Jeeves and Wooster book also helped a lot~

And to keep on with the great things of these last days, thank you so much [livejournal.com profile] louiselux for the pretty card! I loved it! <3 I'm sorry that in the end I couldn't send you one back :(

Anyway, I hope you all began the year with good and shinning moments. Let's hope 2011 will be a very good one!

*If some of you are interested, and as it was me who prepared the tiramisú, here it is the recipe )
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First thing I have to thank the New Year for is being alive and in one piece. Seriously.

Yesterday night, right after the New Year began, a bloody asshole of a driver ignored a sign and almost crashed into me (very badly indeed). That bastard is the only one I hope doesn't have a bright year. Later, he even overtook me running through a red light, when there was no space enough to overtake!

I can't believe I was as calm as a rock. When I got out of the car, however, I began to think about it and I had to make a big effort to enjoy the rest of the night.

Which in the end wasn't a difficult task at all~

Dinner with my family was quite alright and comfy, and we finish on time to eat the 12 grapes. It wouldn't be the first year we have to stop dinner at 12am to eat the grapes, drink a toast to the New Year and get back to dinner ^^;;. I'm quite proud of ourselves XD

It was later when the car incident occurred, just when I was on my way to meeting my friends. It was funny because when I arrived very late it was only one of my friends and me... Deserters! Even when they had a good cause for not comming... But who'd have guessed that we'd have a great night! With rum, alcohol-free beer and dancing till morning XD My feet still hurt but I'm happy.

Hope you all had a great New Year's Eve too! ♥
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So this is my little Xmas tree XD )

And these are my latest DA pics )

Quite seasonal today, ne?
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I think it's a bit late for The Twelve Days of Christmas Challenge of [livejournal.com profile] lycoris. Not even matches the proper day challenge... *blushes* Anyway:

Silly Gifts

Title: Deja vu
Fandom: Saiyuki
Rating: G
Summary: You never get rid of some things, really.
Link: Read more... )
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I'm surprised I had such a nice and calm day today, I didn't think yesterday night's champagne would be so generous -not even a slight stomachache, luckily!

So I arrived this morning at 8am but was too tired to write anything mildly coherent. As you can guess, New Year's Eve was great! XD I also was able to stand high heel shoes all night dancing and didn't choke on my New Year's grapes, which I think it's a good start for this 2007 *lol* [if someone doesn't know, in Spain it's tradition to start the New Year eating 12 grapes, one with each clock's chime at midnight. And believe me, it's not easy to say "Happy New Year" at the same time that you try to swallow the last grapes XDDD].

And for today, well, I mainly was in a lethargic state after I get up at 1pm (I still can't believe I woke up that soon @.@). Even so, I got to watch twelve episodes of Shojo Kakumei Utena as I planned a mini marathon for today. I really love You Tube. It's been quite a while since I could watch it on TV and I couldn't find any torrent to download it later. Hee hee, I think I'll finish rewatching all the series this week *g* Yep, Utena's awesome! XD

After that I think I got asleep again but awoke to keep on with one of those essays of doom I still have to finish...
And I decided as soon as I finished with them, I'll begin reading seriously The Shadow of the Wind by C. Ruiz Zafón. I had it since last Xmas but couldn't find the moment to read and just the other day I began the first chapter and suddenly I'm again in one of those "addictive reader" moods XD;
But work first.

All in all, I'm quite content with my new year's day, at least I did some things beside sleeping~
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Back to normal life, which also means back to temporary boredom. And don't get it wrong, I like having enough time to be bored because that means I can stay in Internet as I have nothing else to do. It's just some times I'm thankful to change my habits.

Moe went back yesterday. We had an amusing week visiting all the city and the nearest one too. And it was refreshing to have a room mate again, as I said, sometimes I really like to change my usual life. Side note: Hot カイロ are amazing! Especially when temperatures are under 1ºC

Santa brought me The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett and a musical tie that I'm sure more than one person cursed (those people didn't find cute the catchy tune ¬_¬). The book, however, will have to wait as I have a lot of work to do. Yep, I'm going to begin 2007 finishing two essays of doom that I have to submit on January 8th.

And talking of doom, wisdom teeth are the worst ever! >.< They couldn't wait till next week to appear, no, they had to say `hello´ two days before New Year's Eve! *growl* They hurt ;_;
Thank goodness, Anime-kraze uploaded the last episodes of Saiyuki Reload Gunlock. So, in fact, I'm quite happy :3


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