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"...both of them felt another force moving between their backs.
Both of them thought it must have been wings.
They noticed the energy of something like folded and hidden wings that refrained their breath. These caused deep shame over their shoulders when they occasionally chafed between them. If they had had real wings, the discomfort would have been comprehensible. Nowadays to have something so sublime causes shame."


Obsession:noun An unhealthy and compulsive preoccupation with something or someone.

I should underline the "something" in that definition. That's it, I tend to be a little obsessive over certain things such as books, manga, anime and any character/s that attracts my attention. Great part of my attention is currently drawn to Sherlock Holmes and Good Omens but Saiyuki and Wild Adapter are always there.

Others things about me:

I'm a researcher in Ancient History -one who might have gone slightly mad if not for her fandoms.

A compulsive reader, a very occasional writer -most of all drabbles- and a mediocre photographer.

Eclectic, introspective, complicated and effusive.

English is not my mother language. I try my best and write my entries in English but you can answer in Spanish or Italian if you like.

So basically here you may find a good dose of fandom!love, book!love, travels, random things and complaints about academic stuff.

PS: I support slash, shounen-ai and yaoi. If you don't know what those are I highly recommend you to googled them or something before friending me.


* Initial quote about chaos belongs to the philosopher, Ly Tin Wheedle, one of the many sons of Terry Pratchett.

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