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I broke my pinky toe last evening. According to the doctor, it usually happens when 90 kg. fall over a very little finger. Luckily it was the one that does not need to be casted but I won't be able to wear my high heel shoes on friday *doom* (thank goodness I can wear them instead, hehe).

Still looking forward to next weekend: Manga Con at Barcelona begins next thursday and lasts till sunday, I think. So yay!

Yo estaré por allí el viernes y puede que el sábado por la tarde. Si alguno va, sería genial quedar algún rato :D
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I have my connexion back but much slower than it was and the mystery of incompatibility between MSN and Internet is still to be solved. All in all, I'm taking it easy now -can't do anything else but try to reset my computer and see what happens *sigh*.

To finish the week I also got to hurt my other knee (two weeks ago or so it was the left one). This time I'm considering going to the doctor tomorrow cause it's all swollen and losing mobility by the moment. The doctor already saw it, just after it happened, but then it wasn't swollen so meh -_- At least I found out why I fell bad after those kicks...

The good part it's that I'm not worried anymore with work issues and lack of time. It seems I'm a bit hypochondriac after all which is funny considering how much I enjoy medical series lately aka House MD LOL.

Ps: Knitting!Saiga amused me today~
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So today I had a great day, one of those I almost missed. I went shopping this morning and bought pretty presents for my ex-room mate's birthday -we even had lunch at a japanese restaurant and I had double of misou soup cause she doesn't like it *g* --- AND NOW I HAVE AN iPOD [blue, mini, pretty and of 4GB] ♥ just because being paid every month had to have some benefits ;D

Later, during training I found out that one of my mates is in fact a boy I used to play with years ago at school! OMG! he's the little brother of one of my school friends! Though he's not "little" anymore: he's almost taller than me @_@ Perhaps the fact that I remembered a cute 9-years-old boy with a child-like voice has something to do with the fact that I didn't recognise him. We've been training together for 2 years without realizing! And maybe it's not so impressive now that I'm writing it but hell, still it's amazing XD
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I'm almost done with the waking up early every morning. What a relief! I know I'm not a morning person but after too many days of sleeping much less than I should, I decided there shouldn't be anything before 10 11 in the morning.

I'll call today a exception, however. This morning it was the regional championship of jujitsu and some of my mates were participating. In the end my tori/uke and I will be there, too, next year -I'm not that convinced yet but well, there're 365 days to consider it. I guess I won't mind to try for once. And it would be inconsidirate not listen to my uke, right? XDDD

Kubo/Toki manifesto on going. Yay! Yesterday even arrived the first volume of W·A *g* My first Tokyopop volume in fact -who knows when it'll be released in Spain. I have the impression that here if there's no anime version it's better not to hope for the translated manga, meh. If only shipping costs were lower...
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YEP! I have it! A-sensei decided to make us an "exam" today and I passed it ^__^ It's not that I'm thinking about becoming a jujitsu pro all of a sudden buuuut YAY FOR THE GREEN BELT! ^o^

This matter about the belt made me forget for a while about more serious matters, aka: English exams. The speaking part is this saturday and I really don't know how it'll go @_@ Theoretically, it will last 15 minutes but they can ask me almost whatever they want about my life. I also have to compare photographs and discuss some related subject with another candidate. Then examiners will ask me another surreal question that I've probably never thought about and the first part will be over. I just hope my pronunciation not to be too weird -_-;

--But I'll worry about that tomorrow morning ;P Right now:

FIC REC --- And death shall have no erection --> As flippant as it can sound, it's one of the most original and amusing smut fics I've read in the last months. I was searching for Saiyuki fics and I arrived there. It looks like lately everywhere I go, there are vampires waiting... But not that I'm complaining XDDD
And really, I would have liked to hear Louis talking like that in some book of the Vampire Chronicles *giggles*


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