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First of all, here are some pics from october, when I visited the Holmes' museum. I quite liked the decoration of some corners and I even got a pic with pseudo-Watson (not that he looked at all like Watson should -not even the clothes!- but well, let's not be too picky about it *ahem*).
So this is how 221B Baker Street looks like nowadays =>> )
I'd love to be in London this weekend for the Sherlock fan meet-up~

Also, I'm not sure how I got to find out about this Versus series but they're hilarious. I'm not sure either what kind of association can result in a Saw vs. Sherlock Holmes duel... Guess some minds work in mysterious ways:

I must admit I feel a little affronted by the treatment of dear Watson here...

(Ps: You should also watch the one about Frodo vs Harry Potter XD)

And finally, gorgeous Sherlock fics of the last two weeks:

* The Velveteen Doctor by [livejournal.com profile] lantean_drift, in which John is like a bright, brilliant flash of colour in an otherwise greyscale world for Sherlock.

* Fearful Symmetry by [livejournal.com profile] irisbleufic, in which there's John/Sherlock, Harry, Mycroft, Sarah, Mrs. Hudson, et al. and it's absolutely delightful.

* The Whore of Babylon Was a Perfectly Nice Girl by out_there. This. You should read it if you haven't yet. It's not the version of Sherlock I usually picture in my head but it's awesome. Angsty and hot.

* The Heart In The Whole by [livejournal.com profile] verityburns. WIP in which Sherlock is blind and John helps. All kinds of lovely and oh god, the UST!

Have I mentioned they're gorgeous? Because they are <3
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Two days and I'm already in love with the place. Every single corner is beautiful, people are very kind and I've been lucky enough to enjoy the wonderful weather of the last days <3
I knew it was going to be nice, being here, but really, I've never thought I was going to like it so much!

Mobile photos, cause I don't know what to do with them but show them all around~ )

The first day was kind of dull, a 9 hours trip can make things look grey and hard. But the next day began with a superb breakfast (I love breakfast in this house! &heart;) and everything looked shinier. I spent all morning taking my new cards for the bus and the libraries and, as everywhere was new and amazing, I forgot about the library and my thesis and spent the rest of the time being a tourist XD Actually, I've decided I'm going to be a tourist for some hours everyday. There're so many things to do and see! And the libraries! Omg, the libraries! If I'm not careful, I'll spend much more money than I should, but they make it difficult! Yesterday I went to the Bodleian library and visited the bookshop: I would have flailed and squee quite literally.

On the other hand, my "flatmates" and host are also really nice. The place is very cosy and has a little garden with a greenhouse where my host paints. I see her there in the mornings from my window. Also, I don't need to get up too early in the morning because she has a very flexible timetable and the libraries are open till 10 pm :D

So I don't know how I'll finish my stay here but for now, I'm delighted.

My friend thought it would be appropriate to send me some music XD


Feb. 20th, 2009 10:22 pm
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I spent most of the evening trying to find a good pair of wings for tomorrow and it's been tough, to say the least. I should have decided earlier what I wanted because today everybody was like crazy buying in the costumes shops! I didn't think Carnival was so popular here...

But look who's talking ^^;
Tomorrow I'm going to a costume party at the funfair. At first, we were going to dress up as gangsters but in the end, most of my friends don't want to dress up. That left me alone with my best friend, who is going as a gangster with her dancing class group. So I've messed up a bit my initial idea and this is what I have now:

Read more... )

And if people ask me who or what I'm supposed to be, well, I'll probably tell them I'm the conscience or the tempter of a gangster... I really don't think they'll catch what a "Crowley" is.
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Bordeaux' pics under the cut )

The little one I brought from France )
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So this is my little Xmas tree XD )

And these are my latest DA pics )

Quite seasonal today, ne?


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