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Going to Bordeaux tomorrow night; again by train and in a very XIX century fashion, only this time I speak better in French and it's just for a week.

In any case I've been looking through the music at my iPod and I downloaded a good number of songs from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. Most of them are instrumental and awesome so I leave the link here if anyone's interested:
~TRC songs~


There're 33 songs from the various volumes of the OST but I didn't order them ^^;
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I won't explain how I was "fired" today from my teacher occupation for parental absurdity, 'cause I guess I should accept the fact that a 10 years old girl can have two computers that she doesn't use, more video games than she could ever play and every single thing she asks for, but a graduate teacher can't ask for 2€ more for hour yep, 10€ for hour seems to be an excessive sum of money.


And now: RAMBLINGS ABOUT MANGA/ANIME for the heck of it.

I almost suffered a shock after reading THIS -WARNING for OURAN SPOILERS- in [livejournal.com profile] ouranhostclub. O.o Here I was happy at the end of the day watching episode 24 of OKHC with all its Tamaki/Kyoya fluffiness and suddenly I read that! WHY!!!!

If ep 25 is going to be like that I'd rather don't watch it how bad I have no such a willpower ;_;. But really, can't we get rid of Mary Sues and OOCs?!

At least Peacemaker Kurogane 5 was great ^.^ Uhhh, maybe spoilers for the last volume till now )

Now all I need to hear it's Clamp finally realized that Sakura and Shaoran would be better in a sidestory of TRC, cause REALLY, ALL THAT MATTERS IS WHEN SEI-CHAN AND SUBARU ARE GOING TO MEET EACH OTHER AGAIN.

Bed now, mateys.


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