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I bought a beautiful diary in Rome. It has leather covers and,on the front, one of the wings designed by Leonardo da Vinci. Lately I've been writing there all the things I didn't write here but to sum it up, I had a wonderful time in Italy -awfully hot, that's true, but wonderful all the same.

More rambling about these past days )

Anyway the month was good and my friend, who kindly lent me her own room all for me (!!), was utterly lovely~

Bonus: pics of angels from Rome -entry with general photos in the near future, I hope... )

So that's it. Right now I'm preparing everything fot another trip. This one to the usual place this time of the year: yep, excavation time -.- I hope to come back next weekend (and I HOPE to come back with no injury in my knee, please).

Traveling on and on
though I fall down dead,
clover fields

Kawai Sora

I think it fits my new diary :)
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"Di Roma non ti parlo. Roma, che mentre ti parlo è non fuori ma dentro di me, come un gioiello terribile incastrato sopra i suoi sette colli, come sopra sette idee imperiose [...]. Le sue dolcezze febbrili, la sua campagna tragica, le sue forme di bellezza e di armonia, tutte queste cose sone mie, per il mio pensiero e per la mia opera."

"I won't tell you about Rome. Rome that while we're talking, it's not on the outside but inside of me, like a terrible jewel stuck on its seven mounts as if they would be seven imperious thoughts [...]. The feverish sweetness, the tragic countryside, the way of its beauty and harmony, all these things are mine for my own thought and my own work."

The beauty of its chaos and decadence.
Gods, I missed this city! So much~
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I left Rome yesterday and after more than 12 hours of travel (yes, you read 12) I'm at home again. Mou, one week is nothing! But I can't believe yet I was able to survive almost without internet the whole week.

Returning to Rome was wonderful, in fact I think I'll go more often in the future, and for future times I'll really try not to get sick while I'm there: I had to stay in bed FOUR DAYS! Stupid virus and stupid fevers ¬_¬
Anyway, the city is beautiful in spring and meeting old friends was like if I never left them ^.^ Just one day at home and I'm wishing to go back to Rome soon again, so for now I'm satisfied myself with the few photos I took this time~

Click for more than typical photos from Rome ;) )
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I'm in Rome!! YAY! Everything is like always ^^ and as always today probably is raining...
Yesterday it took me TEN HOURS to arrive here! Incredible! I have no luck at all with planes and airports >_<

I have not many time to write right now, so I'm leaving. But first:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [livejournal.com profile] souji_chan!!

Hope you have a great day! ^_^


Apr. 2nd, 2006 07:44 pm
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I found a place to stay in Rome!! At least one of my friends is going to be free this week and I can go to her place <3

Waaaa! I'll see old friends and walk the city again and buy the best ice-creams ever and revisit all the places I love and... XDDD

But I don't know if I want to visit my flat again. I think I'll go in the end (I still have the keys of the terrace roof *smirks*) but don't know if it's a good idea to check if Mina is still using the garden as her second home. I'd be very upset if someone told me they haven't seen the cat.

Try to finish with packing today: tomorrow I still have classes and on tuesday have to take the bus to the airport at 6,00 in the morning, meh!
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The weekend left me with two beautiful films to remember: Pride and Prejudice and Happy Together.

About the first one, yep, it was quite a bit since the last time I went to the cinema, and I had doubts about this version of the book but the result was wonderful. <3 Don't know why people kept on telling me it was boring; I really enjoyed it, so if you haven't seen it yet I surely recommend it. XD

And Happy Together was purely Wong Kar Wai. X3 Gosh! He's great! So deep and with such a beautiful aesthetics *_* It's incredible how he succeeds in creating a personal music theme for each character and each moment. Every moment has its own color. His vision of romance is so accurate: intense, sweet, bitter and sad. Maybe I liked more 2046, but this one was great nevertheless (did I mention I love tango? XD).

One week and I'll be in Rome again! YAY! I didn't solve my accommodation yet (not completely) but, hey, I still have seven days XD;

Last night

Jul. 31st, 2005 02:17 am
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So the end has finally come. But I'm enjoying till the last minute with those who haven't go back yet.

This is my last night in this house; my second one all alone in this house that I've always known full of noise and people.
Sincerely at first I didn't think that I could stand to be here just by myself, but I neither thought that I could ever enjoy so much the fact of being so far from home on my own. I feel so many things right now...
In some way I changed myself since the moment I decided that I didn't want to come back. I, that always feared the fact that things change so much and so quickly, fear now the fact that I'm coming back where everything is still the same as before.
Never before I had felt the satisfaction of being comfortable in a place because of my own efforts, especially when it was so difficult at the beginning.

Tomorrow tiramisu for breakfast *__* (the place with THE BEST tiramisu of Rome is right next to my door XD hehe)


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