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Title: Hanging
Fandom: House MD
Warnings: Spoilers for last eps. of S4, but not really.
Words: 150?; all dialogue.
Summary: House, Wilson and a drunk discussion about a "what if". Alternative concept of selfishness.

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Dissertation's wordcount (aprox.):

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
28,998 / 35,000

Deadline: 20th June.

Coming back to Bordeaux the last week of May to correct and revise what I already wrote. All in all I'm quite content with the way it's resulting but seriously

I need a vacation -.-


Sep. 14th, 2006 11:31 pm
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It's been a productive week: I solved almost everything! So it's not that I have now a clear idea of my professional future, 'cause, really, nowadays that's at least impossible, but I know what I'm going to do the next two years. And I have a subject for my thesis. I'm so relieved! My tutor gave me an interesting subject! Incredible. I really thought I'd have to discuss and discuss with her to get something "acceptable". And here I am, with three articles to read and to make sure I like the subject and a very kind teacher tutoring me with interest. Of course this does not mean I have more possibilities to get the grant of doom, but right now I feel like I got a heavy burden out of my mind.

In other words, this year I'll began doctoral lessons in February. That left me with some months to do a stupid and boring course to demonstrate I'll be able to teach lessons ¬_¬. I'll begin learning French and will try to obtain Cambridge First Certificate of English (giggle every time I have to say that aloud XD ). Yep, I think I'll need to revise seriously my grammar...

Oh, and the driving licence. Maybe at 24 years old I'm driving a car (scary thought).

On the other hand, I have a contracture which resulted in a painful lump on my shoulder [note to self: physiotherapist are sadists with a friendly smile]. That prevents me from going to excavation next week. I should be upset but I'm not: guess I share Tsuzuki's philosophy about work. XP

All that aside, stormy weather is getting dangerous and worrying: yesterday there was a little twister near Barcelona! O.o Man, the things I've never thought I'd see...
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The worst part of september: paperwork! >__< I hate it with a passion!
I spent almost all this week trying to solve my matriculation for the doctoral program and all the result is "Please, come next Wednesday". Ok, I'll go on Wednesday; the last day to give preadmission papers is on Friday. So yeah, sure I don't have to worry ¬_¬ (I know them, they always find something wrong in the last minute!).

But leaving that aside, I'm quite happy and nervous with all this doc stuff. The courses looks great and I think I can choose whatever I want, we'll see on wednesday. Of course, this doesn't mean I'm going to get the final title -I'd need a grant for that and right now that's complicated- but at least I'm going to do the first part (courses, first thesis and all that). Anyway, I'm very disappointed with university and all the swindle to get a job there. Everything it's a simple matter of influence and WHO's your tutor. It seems that your personal merits are just circumstantial. Agh! It really pisses me off!

Meh, I guess the best I can do right now it's relax myself. Training yesterday was good enough, but they stressed me so much today that I had to buy enough manga to calm down XD; So I got Peacemaker volume 4 (don't understand yet why the second part was published first), Samurai Champloo 1 (YES! Finally I can have the manga!!) and Ouran Host Club 4 (I prefer this version of Alice in Wonderland to the anime's one). And soon this month Samurai Champloo 2 will be available too, so YAY! Thanks Kami-sama, children begin lessons very soon and I'll have a job again. I don't remember who said that the very first goal of work is to get money to buy manga. XDDD Maybe it's true >.>;

My glasses broke. Wryyyyy!

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I'm back, which means no more sea, no more beach, and no more "Enjoy the sweet and warm life!"... >.>

In fact I came back to the mood of "having to prepare an exam in 10 days and I almost didn't read a word before"
Yay me, ne?
Had I ever mentioned that I HATE MODERN HISTORY? Well, I DO, which is why I always leave this subject for another moment, but since this year is my last one as student, the another moment has finally come. Not only that: I have to get a grant to begin working at university, and so I have to pass this damn subject now. :(
Yeah, I feel a bit stressed! And very annoyed with ministry 'cause they have to show grants' requirements too late!

At least the weather isn't fine here so I'm not too sad staying at home all day long ;_;


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