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It's half past one in the morning, 1ºC out there in the countryside and my friends S and J are putting on their coats to go and see the stars from the road in front of our house. We're in a small town for the weekend and it's freezing. So I'm waiting here, sitting on a cushion next to the window (one of those long windows from ceiling to floor), wrapped in a blanket and watching the low yellow half moon through a telescope :)

It's being a wonderful weekend and a wonderful break before the beginning of another stressful week~
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Where to begin? Oh, yes,


How so? Well last week was horrible with me still sick since the very first day I arrived to Bordeaux. It seems I had a bad virus similar to the flu but I didn't realise it was a virus till I couldn't stand anymore -_- So basically I've been eating rice, carrots, soup, apples and bananas for 12 days, feeling awful and with my body hurting painfully for not apparent reason at first. That, plus 12 days working in a 8-9 ºC library without heating and without sugar (and I have a tendency to low blood sugar, which is like hell...). I must say it's been the worst stay I've had so far.

But then my boss' husband, who is a doctor, gave me a marvellous drug and voilà, yesterday I began eating normally again and the pain disappeared. I never thought I could be so happy to eat a cookie or take some tea ;_;

The thing is my spirits were so low, nonexistents in fact, that I thought I should do something different and stimulating. I thought, hey, I've never been to Paris in all the years I've been coming here to work! And all people say it's so beautiful. So hell, yes, I took a train ticket to spend there next weekend. A cheap hotel (...) and a Lonely Planet guide and I'm going to have a wonderful time in Paris :3 I'll come back to Bordeaux sunday night and I'll still have monday (a holiday in France) to rest and pack everything to come back home on tuesday.

I might sound silly but I needed to set myself such a target because since then I'm all the enthusiastic one, again. Oh, yes, and I've returned to my habitual consume of sugar so that might have helped too :D

And to complete the day, I've finally found the Belgian comic about Sherlock Holmes! Holmes (1854/1891?). L'Adieu à Baker Street.

After those twelve days working ill and feeling like dying, I think I've deserved it.
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Cliffs of Moher

Hi there!

Ah, vacations are over and here I am again, trying to regain some time while I prepare a lecture about domestic life in Rome for next thursday. But I feel good! And partly, that's because of this wonderful last month -I even visited the beach after coming from Ireland :)

Mainly, we spent the days in Dublin, in an apartment almost in the outskirts. We saw a great part of the city and basically behaved like your average tourist, buying shamrock's lollipops and stuffed leprechauns and, also, visiting the Guinness Storehouse. I even try to drink a pint, but what can I say, I don't like beer at all D:

Regretfully, our apartment was real far away from the center of the city and with no car of our own, we couldn't spend any night in a pub listening to live celtic music. But to make up for it I got a tin whistle *lol* -by now my neighbours might be a bit tired of me.

The last days we went to Malahide where we were supposed to visit a haunted castle. We didn't meet any ghost but the surroundings were beautiful: there was a forest before arriving the castle! ♥

Later we went to Howth. It's a cute fishermen town in the east coast with awesome cliffs and seals :3 And finally, the day before returning, we took a bus to cross the country. Three hours later we were in Galway, on our way to see a little of the west coast of Ireland.

The impressive sight of above is a part of the Cliffs of Moher, in the west coast. They appeared in The Princess Bride as the "Cliffs of Insanity", and actually the translation from Gaelic Mhothair would be Cliffs of ruin. We were told a story about a redhead woman who used to live there and killed one by one all her lovers and her husband throwing them to the void. I haven't found any legends like that about the Cliffs but it's true that people die here every year -accidents and suicides, even when it's one the most touristic places of Ireland. Truth be told, there's a little limestone wall which separates the "safe" part from the rest of the cliffs but everyone cross it anyway (me included).

It was great to leave behind the suffocating heat of Spain for some days to feel a bit of rain and fresh air, even when I wore layer over layer of clothes in August!

So there, have some pics of the epic vacation ;)

Remember: no rain, no rainbows )
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Excavation has already finished for me this year. Surprisingly, it's been great to be in charge of a part of the works. I wouldn't mind trying it again next year. And I think that maybe I should have remained also this week (my boss has familiar difficulties this summer and she can't be there) but weeks before I knew it, I had already paid for a travel. So well, they'll survive perfectly without me.

That's been my working place these last days.

Tomorrow I catch a flight to Dublin. I'll be there with my friends till sunday and you can't imagine how much I want to. I really can't complain because I spend a great part of the year traveling around, but I so rarely have a trip with my people -and on vacation!- that I spend the summer looking forward to it.

It'll probably be raining all week but YAY!

I R E L A N D! :D
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I bought a beautiful diary in Rome. It has leather covers and,on the front, one of the wings designed by Leonardo da Vinci. Lately I've been writing there all the things I didn't write here but to sum it up, I had a wonderful time in Italy -awfully hot, that's true, but wonderful all the same.

More rambling about these past days )

Anyway the month was good and my friend, who kindly lent me her own room all for me (!!), was utterly lovely~

Bonus: pics of angels from Rome -entry with general photos in the near future, I hope... )

So that's it. Right now I'm preparing everything fot another trip. This one to the usual place this time of the year: yep, excavation time -.- I hope to come back next weekend (and I HOPE to come back with no injury in my knee, please).

Traveling on and on
though I fall down dead,
clover fields

Kawai Sora

I think it fits my new diary :)
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-Airplane tickets
-Clothes & co.
-Gifts for friends
-Mosquitoes repellent

Next entry will be from Rome! XD

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Bordeaux' pics under the cut )

The little one I brought from France )
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Going to Bordeaux tomorrow night; again by train and in a very XIX century fashion, only this time I speak better in French and it's just for a week.

In any case I've been looking through the music at my iPod and I downloaded a good number of songs from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. Most of them are instrumental and awesome so I leave the link here if anyone's interested:
~TRC songs~


There're 33 songs from the various volumes of the OST but I didn't order them ^^;
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The return back home was as interesting as always. You may not believe it but the cheaper way to arrive here consisted in taking a plane from Bordeaux to London and one from London to Zaragoza with a stop in Madrid @_@ All that just because when I booked the tickets I didn't know the transport strike would finish by the end of november. So I did a France-England-Spain trip in one day *sweatdrops*. The great part was the book shops at Gatwick (and the Marks & Spencer's sandwich XD) but the security controls got on my nerves. The first advice on being careful with the luggage or it "may be destroyed" made laugh a bit remembering childhood cartoons with auto-destructive messages attached to things; by the tenth time I heard it, I had began twitching. And they didn't let me get in the plane with my laptop and my handbag! I had to choose one or the other. Even when I came from France with both of them in the plane! So they obliged me to put my handbag with my food and everything inside my suitcase -and later they lost that precise suitcase. By the end of the day I was kind of tired and INFURIATED.

Fortunately, all my baggage is here already and I can breath normally again.

That aside, I still want to draw angels so WINGS THIS WAY.
Now I think I'm going to try and make amends with my piano.
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Hi there!

I have no much time to stay on line but today I went to the National Park of Timanfaya that, literally, occupies almost a half of the island. It's incredible! Like making a milk-shake between Mars (?) and Hawaii!*

Photos ahoy! )

*This is pure speculation as I've never been in Mars, nor in Hawaii for that matter...
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Right now I can see the sea from my window :)
This is very cool and different from everything I've seen before. The landscape is like a lunar desert but with mountains in the horizon; red and black stones and almost black sand everywhere. But the sea is bluer than any other I know and cacti -cause here cactus and palm trees constitute most of the vegetation- are green, yellow and red, and have all kinds of shapes.

Tomorrow I'll go to the beach and decide what excursions I could do -wanna see the natural park with volcanoes and camels! And I'll make sure I have my camera :3
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Finally! I found some minutes to write down what I wanted to one week ago: London squeeee! ^_^ )

As I expected, this week has been awfully busy and stressing. I miss my free time ;_;
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I was so so so bored I talked to a friend about me wanting to get away from here some days, maybe going to Rome or anywhere else. And she said "so why not?" So hell, yeah! Let's find a flight! And there was the idea of London. I've never been in London! Actually, I've never been in England ^^; I'm happy! *eventually, suffers drastic mood changes*

Hee hee, I really needed something like this ;)

Btw, does anyone know if next Monday is holiday there? Cause we're planning to stay till Tuesday thanks to the long-weekend here~

Bed now and Book's Day tomorrow (loves April) -hopefully my knee will let me walk just for a little while... and it must will be all good and ready for London :)
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So I finally came back to my commoner reality (too much Ouran anime I guess) ...with beloved internet. But what a trip! It's been so great that after three days at home I'm still sleeping as if today was the day after the return, I think my body wants revenge for all the days I denied it's rest --note to self: 3 hours of sleep it's not acceptable anymore--.

I think it's been one of the most hazardous trips I've ever had. In fact we enjoyed a thunderstorm by plane, eight hours in a train that changed the number of the train coaches with no warning at all, interesting facts in a Hungarian hot spring, the hotel of The Shining in Prague (I really should have kept the photos from that place, I'm sure the twins were there somewhere *shivers*), several nice talks with the travel agent, an invasion of mosquitoes in the second hotel... Usual things that happen when you travel ^_^;;

But all in all, I could say I fell in love with Prague *_* So beautiful! I'd want to live there some time: walk through the bridge every week and visit the jazz clubs at night. Just no more hangovers on a day of tourism, please (we all verified that's not the very best thing...).

Budapest was nice too, but it left me a bitter taste. Within all the beauty of the touristic streets and places, it's the sad feeling of a city that is still trying to surpass its old situation. But it's good to remember that always there's something else than happy faces and shiny places.

Now some photos ^___^ )

I wish we could go on a similar trip next year. ^.^


Apr. 2nd, 2006 07:44 pm
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I found a place to stay in Rome!! At least one of my friends is going to be free this week and I can go to her place <3

Waaaa! I'll see old friends and walk the city again and buy the best ice-creams ever and revisit all the places I love and... XDDD

But I don't know if I want to visit my flat again. I think I'll go in the end (I still have the keys of the terrace roof *smirks*) but don't know if it's a good idea to check if Mina is still using the garden as her second home. I'd be very upset if someone told me they haven't seen the cat.

Try to finish with packing today: tomorrow I still have classes and on tuesday have to take the bus to the airport at 6,00 in the morning, meh!


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