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Looks like it's not raining anymore. With all the rain of these last days I was feeling as if I was in Rome again and that makes me think about how much I'd like to come back there -but with no too much rain if possible. It's been a year since my last visit! And even if I wanted to make a trip at Easter -Rome , London, somewhere-, I'm seeing it's going to be impossible with all the things I have to read and write.

Not that I'm working that hard today. I should though. My brain however is asking out loud for something soft and light like Card Captor Sakura or something funny like OKHC or Get Backers. Right now I'm tired of the Roman Army and their supplies system and my head is not clear anymore. I hope I'm not catching one of those virus around.

Meh, two hours or so and I could see another ep of House MD cause this awesome series is eating my brain lately.

Last night

Jul. 31st, 2005 02:17 am
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So the end has finally come. But I'm enjoying till the last minute with those who haven't go back yet.

This is my last night in this house; my second one all alone in this house that I've always known full of noise and people.
Sincerely at first I didn't think that I could stand to be here just by myself, but I neither thought that I could ever enjoy so much the fact of being so far from home on my own. I feel so many things right now...
In some way I changed myself since the moment I decided that I didn't want to come back. I, that always feared the fact that things change so much and so quickly, fear now the fact that I'm coming back where everything is still the same as before.
Never before I had felt the satisfaction of being comfortable in a place because of my own efforts, especially when it was so difficult at the beginning.

Tomorrow tiramisu for breakfast *__* (the place with THE BEST tiramisu of Rome is right next to my door XD hehe)


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