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I can't believe it's july already! It means I've been two weeks doing almost nothing. I guess I had almost forgotten how awesome is to have free time day and night XD

I visited the Expo 2008 and got a funny passport to stamp at the different stands. Regretfully the better ones had queues so long that we had to wait for an hour or more to enter. In the end we visited the ones with less people, that is, Egypt, Nepal, Mongolia, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Brazil and Greece. And even so we were waiting at least 45 minutes for Greece and 30 for Brazil and Egypt! Next time we're definitely seeing Japan and another bunch of countries, and if we're lucky, maybe the Aquarius too.

The Bridge Pavilion let me astounded! Zaha Hadid's design is amazing and no matter what some people say, I'm glad all the new buildings and bridges will remain after the Expo.

Pics of the day -but don't expect many photos of the pavilions' interior because it was ridiculously difficult to find some light on the inside... )

The swimming pool has been another great pastime. And I'd rather not count all the time I've spent at one cafe or another with my friends :D Or the things I've bought! *lol* you know, there was this nice red and black bag I saw days ago...

Today however I feel all kinds of lazy and haven't written the report I should have written for my next journey. I'm going to Rome next saturday!! To take some photos of the ancient roads and, officially, to go to the library -though I reserve myself the unofficial right to decide how many days I'll spend in the library :P
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Legends tell that the Night of San Juan (the night from 23 to 24 of June) the doors of the other world are open, as in Halloween.

Fairies, sprites and all kinds of spirits can cross the line that divides both realities. It's told that poisonous plants lose their menace and the good ones double their qualities. It's a good night to make predictions and spells 'cause the magical atmosphere is everywhere.

In Spain it's common practice to jump through a bonfire to burn the bad experiences of the year and as a prayer to get protection from the gods. Usually the bonfires are lighted on the beach but lately you can find them even in the cities with no coast, in parks.

This is the first year I'm going to celebrate this festivity as it should be: in a park, with fire, a group of celtic music and friends. I'll burn an old amulet and I hope to get a good omen for the rest of the year :)

My very best wishes for all of you, f-list!
~Happy Summer Solstice~


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