Oct. 26th, 2007 12:00 pm
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I failed the driving licence's test for just 1 question! Dammit!
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I have my connexion back but much slower than it was and the mystery of incompatibility between MSN and Internet is still to be solved. All in all, I'm taking it easy now -can't do anything else but try to reset my computer and see what happens *sigh*.

To finish the week I also got to hurt my other knee (two weeks ago or so it was the left one). This time I'm considering going to the doctor tomorrow cause it's all swollen and losing mobility by the moment. The doctor already saw it, just after it happened, but then it wasn't swollen so meh -_- At least I found out why I fell bad after those kicks...

The good part it's that I'm not worried anymore with work issues and lack of time. It seems I'm a bit hypochondriac after all which is funny considering how much I enjoy medical series lately aka House MD LOL.

Ps: Knitting!Saiga amused me today~
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Looks like it's not raining anymore. With all the rain of these last days I was feeling as if I was in Rome again and that makes me think about how much I'd like to come back there -but with no too much rain if possible. It's been a year since my last visit! And even if I wanted to make a trip at Easter -Rome , London, somewhere-, I'm seeing it's going to be impossible with all the things I have to read and write.

Not that I'm working that hard today. I should though. My brain however is asking out loud for something soft and light like Card Captor Sakura or something funny like OKHC or Get Backers. Right now I'm tired of the Roman Army and their supplies system and my head is not clear anymore. I hope I'm not catching one of those virus around.

Meh, two hours or so and I could see another ep of House MD cause this awesome series is eating my brain lately.
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Back to normal life, which also means back to temporary boredom. And don't get it wrong, I like having enough time to be bored because that means I can stay in Internet as I have nothing else to do. It's just some times I'm thankful to change my habits.

Moe went back yesterday. We had an amusing week visiting all the city and the nearest one too. And it was refreshing to have a room mate again, as I said, sometimes I really like to change my usual life. Side note: Hot カイロ are amazing! Especially when temperatures are under 1ºC

Santa brought me The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett and a musical tie that I'm sure more than one person cursed (those people didn't find cute the catchy tune ¬_¬). The book, however, will have to wait as I have a lot of work to do. Yep, I'm going to begin 2007 finishing two essays of doom that I have to submit on January 8th.

And talking of doom, wisdom teeth are the worst ever! >.< They couldn't wait till next week to appear, no, they had to say `hello´ two days before New Year's Eve! *growl* They hurt ;_;
Thank goodness, Anime-kraze uploaded the last episodes of Saiyuki Reload Gunlock. So, in fact, I'm quite happy :3
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I won't explain how I was "fired" today from my teacher occupation for parental absurdity, 'cause I guess I should accept the fact that a 10 years old girl can have two computers that she doesn't use, more video games than she could ever play and every single thing she asks for, but a graduate teacher can't ask for 2€ more for hour yep, 10€ for hour seems to be an excessive sum of money.


And now: RAMBLINGS ABOUT MANGA/ANIME for the heck of it.

I almost suffered a shock after reading THIS -WARNING for OURAN SPOILERS- in [livejournal.com profile] ouranhostclub. O.o Here I was happy at the end of the day watching episode 24 of OKHC with all its Tamaki/Kyoya fluffiness and suddenly I read that! WHY!!!!

If ep 25 is going to be like that I'd rather don't watch it how bad I have no such a willpower ;_;. But really, can't we get rid of Mary Sues and OOCs?!

At least Peacemaker Kurogane 5 was great ^.^ Uhhh, maybe spoilers for the last volume till now )

Now all I need to hear it's Clamp finally realized that Sakura and Shaoran would be better in a sidestory of TRC, cause REALLY, ALL THAT MATTERS IS WHEN SEI-CHAN AND SUBARU ARE GOING TO MEET EACH OTHER AGAIN.

Bed now, mateys.


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