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It's almost spring and I've almost finished my thesis (the writing part). Conclusions are alsmot completed and then I'll just have to revise the introduction and, in general, correct what needs to be corrected. I'm E-X-H-A-U-S-T-E-D.

On the other hand, I'm enjoying a lot the extracurricular English lessons and the kids seem to enjoy them too, even when some days are frustrating and I have to count to ten and remember they're just kids. The classes end the last day of May and I was hoping to be free by then. Well, realistically I won't be able to defend my thesis before June, if everything's all right, but at least I will have finished the hard work.

My plans after that are simple: switch off. I need some relaxing months. I had thought about travelling around, visiting some friends, reading and writing for pleasure, finding myself... You know, just enjoy the free time for a while. But apparently I cannot plan anything.

Yesterday I received an email from the CSIC (National Research Council of Spain. The unfuckingbelievable National Research Council!!!) saying they were interested in my CV and calling me for an interview next week. If they finally chose me, I would begin in April and I would have to move to Madrid and leave anything else behind (thesis, lessons, people, plans...). At least until the end of the contract.

It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I can't let it pass, even if they offer me just a six months job. BUT. It's more than a year and half since I left them my CV and it's precisely now when they call me. Why precisely now?! Why not six months later or sooner? T_T
I'm really honored but so, so stressed I'm not enjoying it at all.

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